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Immigration and the changing nature of work

In its sixth year, the Summit will explore how immigration can respond proactively to labour-market pressures and ensure that Canada’s immigrants contribute fully to our economy. Join over 300 delegates to discuss the major immigration-related issues impacting your organisation.

Change in the Proof of Funds for 2020

Government of Canada has updated the table that shows how much money you need to settle in Canada. You may need to update your settlement fund numbers in your Express Entry profile.

P.E.I.'s next wave of Immigrants part of regional, national trend

Indian immigrants top newcomers to P.E.I., investing in business and filling labour shortages.

What should I look in for a consultant?

Your Immigration consultant must be licensed by an ICCRC and in good standing. It is important to work with someone who has proper knowledge and training approved by ICCRC.

All the reasons why Canada needs immigration

As population sees record growth driven by new immigrants, economists say they're crucial to keeping things like pensions and health care stable.


IRCC, along with other government departments and international allies, continues to closely monitor COVID 19 and any impacts on people and our operations.


Since 1980 we have branches all over world

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